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Released: 2001-04-24

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Rocky (Five-Disc Boxed Set) by MGM (Video & DVD)

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Sylvester Stallone
MGM (Video & DVD)
PG-Thirteen (Parental Steerage)
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“Rocky” (1976, 119 min.) – Rocky Balboa, Membership fighter from the mean streets of Philadelphia, will get an not likely shot at the heavyweight championship by using taking on Apollo Creed. “Rocky II” (1979, 119 min.) – After his combat with Apollo Creed, the embarrassed champ insistently provokes Rocky to just accept a challenge for a rematch. “Rocky III” (1982, Ninety Nine min.) – When Rocky is dethroned by the brutal Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed Deals to retrain him with a view to regain his fighting spirit. “Rocky IV” (1985, 91 min.) – When Apollo Creed is killed in a bout towards a formidable Soviet boxer, Rocky challenges the Soviet boxer himself in a personal struggle for united states and for his pal. “Rocky V” (1990, 104 min.) – Because Of permanent accidents brought about in his struggle with Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa is pressured to retire. He comes dwelling, his wealth and repute now long past, and begins to coach ungrateful up-and-coming fighter Tommy Gunn.


  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Talia Shire
  • Burt Young
  • Carl Weathers
  • Burgess Meredith


  • Anamorphic
  • Box set
  • Closed-captioned
  • Color
  • Widescreen

Editorial Overview

Americans love the underdog. Each Time someone is thrashing the odds, preventing his or her approach to the highest, like the Little Engine that could, it resonates well with U.S. audiences; it's of their nature. Sylvester Stallone knew that in 1976, when Rocky was a significant hit and dependent itself in the American cultural lexicon. His low-finances tale of a Younger boxer who got here from the slums of Philadelphia and labored his solution to the championship remembers Capra characters equivalent to Mr. Smith or John Doe as he labored his way to reputation and self-recognize. Like Capra's films from 30 years before, Rocky pushed emotional buttons with audiences, however in a moderately less maudlin, evident approach; it's possible to revel in Rocky without feeling embarrassed about it, even in the cynical, postironic '90s. It ranks respectably the most effective boxing pictures, akin to The Set-Up or Any Person Up There Likes Me. The story paralleled Stallone's personal, from a relative unknown to a celebrity with one leap forward image. Rocky II (1979) incorporates on the story line, enjoying on the rivalry between Rocky Balboa and nemesis Apollo Creed, Whereas Balboa's wife fights for her lifestyles. Primarily, though, the sequel seems like a hyperlink between the primary Movie and Rocky III, by which an growing old Rocky takes on giant, bad Clubber Lang (the near-forgotten Mr. T). While taking part in on the identical emotional capital as the first Film, Rocky III is the high-water mark of the sequels; by using the following Movie, Stallone had was a close to-self-parody of the original character. Rocky IV finds the underdog taking over an oversized, blond Russian boxer (Dolph Lundgren) in a cold battle scenario (Rocky literally wraps himself in the American flag). The sequence mercifully performed out through 1990, as embarrassingly punch-drunk because the Rocky persona himself with the aid of that time. Given the way the American pop-tradition continuum appears to work, it's most likely due time for the later sequels to be plucked from the compost heap of '80s flotsam and revived as excessive camp; the Reagan-era hyperpatriotism of Rocky IV is as dated as in junk like Purple Crack Of Dawn or the dreadful Invasion america1215459391). Still, the primary three movies p.c. a pleasing emotional wallop without giving the viewer the urge to crawl beneath the sofa. The remaining two… well, use your judgment. They’re Going To quickly be excellent for an '80s nostalgia party. –Jerry Renshaw

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